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Research into Diastolic Heart Failure is now underway at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton and The University of Calgary (Foothills Hospital) in Calgary.

Researchers are trying to find new and better ways to treat people with diastolic heart failure. Utilizing a patient focused model, a team of scientists working with doctors, nurses, therapists and public health experts shall better define, understand and treat diastolic heart failure.

One-year mortality rates for heart failure remain high (25-40%).

22% of hospitalizations in Alberta for heart failure occur in rural hospitals.

500,000 Canadians have been diagnosed with heart failure.

Heart failure is at epidemic levels in most developed countries.

80,000 Albertans have been diagnosed with heart failure.

Diastolic heart failure occurs when the heart fails to relax properly between heartbeats.

Systolic heart failure occurs when the heart does not contract properly.

Heart failure is a progressive condition where the heart weakens and cannot pump blood efficiently for the needs of the body.

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